Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Addition

Boy, has it been a long time since I wrote in this blog. The reason I am updating today is because I have some great news. The Booker family will soon have another member. She is a beautiful little girl named Vika who is currently in Russia. She has Down Syndrome and belongs to this family. Dustin and I heard about her through an amazing organization called Reece's Rainbow. They help children in other countries with special needs find homes. It was no question that Dustin and I knew we wanted to do something to help. Adoption was only one of the many ways you can help these children but it is, without a doubt, the option we choose. From the first story the wonderful women at RR were sharing with me about, Victoria aka Vika, I had an instant attachment to her and her life. Kaiya took one look at her picture with no other information given and asked if that was her Sister. That was the final decision maker for me. Yes Kaiya, Yes it is. We have sent in our initial paperwork to the adoption agency including our first fees. We are now getting ready to start our Homestudy process. I will continue updating throughout this process. I apologize that I am not the best "Blogger" but I promise to update fully :)

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Fran said...

You are one magnificent woman, Shalee Booker. You have a tender heart and a warm spirit and I love you so very much! Thanks for writing again -- your blog is wonderful!